This Jacket Shows Why C.P. Company Is The Master of Fabric Innovation

The heart of C.P. has been fabric invention and cutting-edge dying methods. Since the company was founded 45 years ago, the minds behind its designs continue to push the limits with the Kan-D jacket this season, the new take on its signature Explorer aka Google jacket.

Kan-D is transparent mono-filament nylon that resembles cellophane candy wrappers of the ’50s and 60s, an acronym for “Klear Achronic Nylon Dyed”. What makes this fabric so revolutionary is that the yarn used is “ironed” to give it a mirrored finish and make it extra translucent.

C.P. The company acknowledges that because of the shrinkage imbalance caused while dying, it is one of the most difficult fabrics it has worked with. The fabric can only be colored to avoid this from occurring by using the exclusive garment dyeing technique of the company, whereby the dye is added at the last point instead of the traditional method of pre-dying the fabric until it is cut and stitched. The effect is a much darker and more vivid color that makes it completely distinctive, combined with the fabric’s translucent and mirror-like qualities.

There are three models in the Kan-D collection: the Kan-D Goggle Hood Parka, the Kan-D Medium Goggle Jacket, and the Kan-D Goggle Hood Utility Jacket, each with a reversible poly-fleece layer and a choice of C.P. Military-inspired colorways of the company.

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