Stay Fashioned With These Umbrellas

Photo Credits: Off-White

As the most useful accessory in your wardrobe during the fall and winter, the umbrella is shamefully neglected. Also manufacturers prefer to stay out of the umbrella while enthusiastically plastering the text mark around nearly every other potential accessory imaginable.

A well-made umbrella with an effective mechanism is a magnificent object — a basic and satisfyingly functional piece of equipment that does the job. If you’re able to find an umbrella that looks fine, too, you can hang on to it.

If you’re searching for something understated or a new name to apply to your style, the umbrella is an understatement of your seasonal theme. From the London elegance of Paul Smith to both Supreme and KAWS, this series features a variety of hand-held rain safety in style.

Snow Peak Ultra-Light Umbrella

Ultra-Light Umbrella
Snow Peak

The outdoor expertise of Snow Peak is to be assured everyday. This basic umbrella features a very minimal handle and a single Snow Peak logo on the canopy as a detail.

London Undercover Whangee-Handle Telescopic Umbrella

Whangee-Handle Telescopic Umbrella
London Undercover

London Undercover’s Whangee-Handle Umbrella is the best way to add a splash of colour to a dull day. This telescopic umbrella is made of recycled materials and packs super lightweight but features a classic whangee-bamboo handle for a luxurious flash.

Pasotti Otto Umbrella

Passotti’s Otto Umbrella is named for its 8-ball handle decoration. Combine the unorthodox nature of the handle with the handcrafted double-cloth canopy, and you’ve got a champion.

Burberry Vintage Check Folding Umbrella

Vintage Check Folding Umbrella
from $260

Burberry ‘s classic Nova Check has become a universal symbol of luxury, and this folding umbrella is decorated with things.

Paul Smith Multi Stripe Crook Umbrella

Multi Stripe Crook Umbrella
Paul Smith

It turns out that Paul Smith’s eye for accuracy also applies to the area of weather security. This immaculate, understated umbrella is a certified classic of London ‘s favorite tailor.

MACKINTOSH Camouflage Telescopic Ayr Umbrella

Camouflage Telescopic Ayr Umbrella

Mackintosh is popular for its rainwear, but where else to grab an umbrella? This camouflage number is ideal for the days when you want to stay undercover in every sense of the word.

Off-White™ Logo-Print Umbrella

Logo-Print Umbrella

If you’ve never seen a translucent umbrella before, expect to be washed away. The opportunity to see beyond your cover is not groundbreaking, but it makes the day lighter and happier. This piece features a plain Off-WhiteTM logo print on a dark-tinted translucent canopy.

Supreme x ShedRain Transparent Checkerboard Umbrella

Transparent Checkerboard Umbrella
Supreme x ShedRain

Supreme has never done anything conventionally, but the umbrella collaboration for Spring / Summer 2020 has almost made sense. Any way, it’s now autumn and winter, so this checkerboard umbrella comes on its own for the first time.

KAWS Holiday Companion Umbrella

Holiday Companion Umbrella

At the time of his show in Seoul , South Korea, KAWS published this Holiday Companion Umbrella. While the 28-metre-long KAWS Companion was floating in Seokchon Lake, the attendees could pack this limited-addition translucent umbrella.

Daniel Arsham x Snarkitecture Gradient Umbrella

Gradient Umbrella
Daniel Arsham x Snarkitecture

From Porsches to antique sculptures and even umbrellas, there appears to be less and less that Daniel Arsham is able to convey with his golden touch. This umbrella features a clean gray gradient design on the canopy.

Kingsman x London Undercover Checked Chestnut Wood-Handle Umbrella

Checked Chestnut Wood-Handle Umbrella
Kingsman x London Undercover

Part of Mr. Porter’s Kingsman series, designed for Kingsman movies, this umbrella has a classic shape on a gray day. A tartan canopy tops a finely made wooden handle in Mr. Porter’s trademark sartorial style.

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