Mens Shoe wear, Vintage Artisan Interview

How would you describe the evolution of Vintage Artisan

-Amazing. The evolution was validated so quickly with the launch of the Huarache that the thought of what Vintage Artisan was suppose to be completely got lost. At first I was working on a summer collection and was intending to grow as a menswear apparel brand. I wanted to launch shirts, coats and pants and in the long term vision saw a shoe in the mix. I didn’t think that the tables would turn which lead me to working on the future first.

El Huarache by Blake Scott | Details Style Syndicate

Your style of shoes have a particular look and feel, some people don’t gravitate towards it, but it works for those who want fun footwear and who want to stand out.
-I love that. We are the first to produce the best Huarache on the market and people are not use to this style of shoe. The people that “get it” will tell others and it will be only a matter of time we get their business as well. It also stamps us with the “originality” seal.

What are your criteria for a well-constructed and well-designed shoe?
– I focus on the aesthetic and my makers focus on the construction. Luckily I am working with some of the best weavers that understand the process forward, backwards and upside down. Merging our visions, we produce a beautifully handmade quality shoe that is durable, long term wearability and fashion forward.

Recently there have been a lot of collaborations between designers and retailers. What’s your take on this?
-I am all for collaborating… its necessary. I believe that working with other designers got me where I am now. As a designer I usually tend to stay in my bubble. Being able to jump on another platform, you open yourself up, engage in new ways of doing things, your resources grow and you gain their audience and vice-versa. Also being around other creatives is so inspiring. Artist understand artist.


You’ve elevated menswear do you ever intend on trying to move into the women’s wear market ?
– O’ well thank you. We have something up or sleeve for sure. Maybe a online pop up shop so they can get their Huarache fix this summer. -Have I said too much? -ha

Whats next for you and V/A ?
– Its hasn’t been a year yet for Vintage Artisan. We are still learning and still growing. I’m essentially still a one man team. But we will be launching a new loafer soon which will be the added Vintage Artisan staple you will need along side the Huarache this summer.

Anything else you want our audience to know about you ?
-Shoutout to all the Vintage Artisan style pioneers!

Carlos R. Juarez
Creative Director

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