Interview: Kevin James,Instagram Star And A Young Tyler Perry In The Making.

Many of us can honestly admit that we cruise the Internet in search of a laugh, a petty post or some combination of both. And while exploring the explore page, we usually find ourselves on @ayekev  Instagram page. The red wig-donning, hilarious character gives us life as he causally plays with multiple story lines.

And while we find Kevin hilarious, it has crossed our mind: Who’s this 17 year old – on the other end of the screens of our mobile devices?


Q: How has internet fame changed your life?
A: Internet fame has changed my day to day life, I get noticed a lot in public.
Q: How do you brainstorm your content?
A: Making and coming up with ideas are like having a full-time job, it’s very time to consuming.


Q: Where do you see your brand going?
A: The next step for my brand would probably be getting verified on social media. I see myself on a reality tv or story based television show.
Q: People have said you are like Joanne The Scammer, how does that make you feel?
A: People comparing me to Joanne the Scammer is actually a compliment to me because he’s very funny & original!


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