Interview With Organic Skincare expert Cocoa Severado Bullock

The owner/founder/maker of Cosmetics By Cocoa caught up with our Beauty editor about how she started her skincare line. She’s doing what a lot of us dream of doing in running her own brand, selling her own specially formulated creations using high quality, natural ingredients. Check out our Q&A from with the Organic Skincare expert Cocoa Severado Bullock


Q1: What are the main benefits of adopting an organic skincare regime?


A1: You want to first start by doing your research. Although, you may want to start an organic skincare regime; always research the benefits, properties that will go into your skin. I try to remain organic EVERYTHING when it comes to my skin. The main benefits of adopting an organic skincare regime are: Your skin has never felt or looked more healthier. Ingredients are everything, and essential—-you want to be able to pronounce and understand every ingredient that’s going into your skin. And there’s some sense of comfort (and pride) knowing that you are practicing the absolute best skincare regime there is by not polluting your face or skin with any chemicals or additives…


Q2: How does an organic skincare regime (and the products) differ from a mainstream skincare regime?


A2: There is a difference when it comes to mainstream skincare and an organic skincare regime, and their products. So, with any mainstream products and skincare regime, you may find yourself spending a little less, only because there are preservatives in those products; which means, the shelf-life will be a lot longer than any organic product(s). Speaking of shelf-life, when you have adopted an organic/all natural skincare routine, you may also find yourself spending a little bit more on your products. Organic anything, will always cost you a little bit more, but it’s soooo worth it! Also, because there’s no preservatives in any of these (organic product(s)), the shelf-life will be a lot shorter, which means you either use or lose them.

Also, with any mainstream product/regime – you may be subjecting your skin to more cons instead of pros, because majority of these products contains some sort of alcohol, you may find your regime a little bit more intense. Alcohol or any chemical can be drying to the skin, or worse; therefore, you may have to add more steps into your regime.

An organic regime is as easy and natural as your next step… because your body/skin produces its own natural oils; adopting an organic skincare routine only enhances your skin and natural beauty. And, you may find that your regime is less intense because you’re not putting any abrasives in your skin. It’s a win-win!



Q3: What are the biggest upcoming organic skincare and beauty trends?


A3: Some of the biggest upcoming organic skincare and beauty trends are serums – facial serums/oils. Quite a few of the organic beauty community has either already jumped on this trend or enhanced what they already had. Facial serums/oils have been quite the buzz in the past, but now there has been a spike in this beauty trend, as consumers are demanding more of this. Beauty consumers are looking for options; as their main option for moisturizers were cream based, but now, they are looking for oil based moisturizers as well, that can not only provide moisture, but can also defy gravity (just as the cream based moisturizers)… and now, the beauty trend is a 2 for 1… one product, that can be used in multiple ways. With a lot of the facial oils, you will find that they not only work wonders on the face, but you can use them on the body, and now your hair/scalp.

Another big trend in the organic beauty community is men’s care! This trend is rising. Men are now taking more notice and care into their regime, and guess what? They are reading the labels of their products too. One of the popular beauty trends with our gentlemen are the organic facial care kits. Beard butters, moisturizers and conditioners are trending really well, and I don’t see these products going anywhere, anytime soon.


Q4: Outside of skincare, what other lifestyle elements can help with problem skin?


A4: Adopting a workout and healthy lifestyle eating regiment can always help with problematic skin. You are what you eat… this saying is so true! What we put inside our bodies, can manifest from the outside, which is our skin – and that manifestation can be in the form of acne, oily skin, and other skin blemishes.

We’ve all heard this: Drink eight glasses of water a day. This may seem easy, but it’s actually pretty challenging. However, incorporating more water, and eliminating the sodas and other sugary drinks can change your skin for the better. Water can eliminate toxins from your body, clear up blemishes and it can provide your skin with a healthy, natural glow. Water is always the way to go!

Food plays a major factor too… certain foods have skin-loving properties in them. If you’re thinking about clearing up your skin, try eating a handful of blueberries each day. Blueberries contains healthy antioxidants that your skin love, and they can be useful in combating skin issues.


Q5: What’s your top selling product from your line?


A5: Our top selling product is our Lip Smack Lip Balm and our Facial Skincare Box, which includes our Coconut Milk Facial Wash, Sea Salt Facial Toner and a jar of Organic Hydrating Face Crème.


Q6: Why did you get into skincare?


A6: I got into the skincare industry really out of desperation from my own needs. I’ve always had sensitive skin and I couldn’t use a lot of the body products that was out on the shelves. Soaps and body wash also irritated my skin. So, I wanted to do something about it. I also didn’t want all of the junk included, such as perfumes, fragrances, additives, and chemicals. If I was going to start a skincare/beauty business, I wanted my products to be as pure as possible, clean and something that everyone can feel comfortable about using – even babies!

The thing is… I didn’t have a clue where to start, so I started doing research and putting in the work. During this time, I was going through a rough patch in my professional and personal life. So, one cold winter evening, I went through my notes and some recipes that I’ve created, (I’m a note taker) and went into my kitchen to create. Cosmetics by Cocoa was born that night.


Q7:  What’s next for your brand?


A7: What’s next for my brand is pretty much dominating the skincare and cosmetics industry. We’re looking to launch the makeup, hopefully by Spring 2018. I have some ideas, but not giving too much away. Again, I want a complete cosmetics line that is pure, clean and cruelty free. Also, we’re hoping to get on the shelves with some major retailers in 2018. I plan on expanding this brand by making Cosmetics by Cocoa a household name.

Beauty Editor | Tiffany Pilla | [email protected]


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