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Whether she’s saving lives through AJ Global Legal or confidently getting her voice heard at the White House, Abbe Jolles is an undeniable force in Human Rights Litigation. #Iconic

During her quick stop in Los Angeles, Ms. Jolles was put into the hands of the FOM team, where she was transformed from Litigator to Fashion Icon. The result was a fabulous marriage of modern fashion moments along with Abbe’s infectious personality.

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Who Are You? How Did You Get Into Human Rights?
I am a Washington, DC-based international human rights litigator working worldwide.    I achieved a landmark decision at the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.  I was the first American woman admitted to the International Criminal Court and the first American admitted to the African Court of Human and People’s rights.  I have tried hundreds of cases.
What type of cases do you handle?
I handle all types of cases involving human rights violations including class actions, property confiscation and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).  I have a trusted network of lawyers and investigators working with me to rescue those in trouble/jail worldwide.  I am the human rights advisor to several global corporations and work closely with the US House and Senate Foreign Relations Committees on human rights issues.

What qualities do you need to work in international law?

Training is crucial to an effective international human rights litigator.   It is important to have sharp skills before venturing out into the international human rights field.  Sharp well-honed trial skills facilitate saving lives.

Have you worked on sex trafficking cases?

I work on all types of human rights cases including sex trafficking.


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Did you know a lot of women get roped into sex trafficking with promise of model careers in US?

One of the worst reported sex trafficking cases is that reported by Katherine Bulkovac in the book, Whistleblower.   UN Staff and US contractors held sex slaves in Bosnia for some years.  To date, none of the perpetrators have gone to jail.

You’re a modern woman working in the professional world! how do you have work-life balance?

Work-life balance is challenging particularly when you have small children.    My daughter (21 now) held a grudge for years for missing her entry to the “double digits” because the judges insisted I be in court in Africa.    With time she has forgiven me though.

Favorite places to shop for work attire and why?

Other than Amazon I love Century 21 in New York.  Great clothes and prices!

Whats next for you? 

I continue to look forward offering life-saving services around the world.

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