5 Effective Instagram Tips for Fashion Bloggers

Want to be more effective with your time on Instagram and wow folk with your fashion blog, as well as get more Instagram likes and followers – then take heed of these five tips below.

1. Add Hashtags After You Post

Maybe you posted a photo and then realize you forgot to add hashtags in your caption. It is still possible to add them in a comment. Individuals will still find your photos when they search the hashtag that you used.

When you use this technique is also has the benefit of getting rid of the dreaded hashtag paragraph whenever you are sharing the photo on some of the other social media accounts that you have.

2. Sharing Your Photos After You Post

Maybe you post a photo on Instagram but don’t want it shared with your other social media accounts. However, later you change your mind, and decide you want to. It is still possible to share it after the fact.

Tap on the button that has three dots on it that is displayed on the bottom of your photo. Choose Share on the menu and then select which site you would like to share your photo to. If you select Twitter, the photo URL appears as you are composing your tweet, to let you know once you have reached Twitter’s 140 character limit.

Another trick is to use Instagram tools to get more Instagram views and likes on the post, this will make it look more popular and helps with its chances of success.

3. Save a posted photo

Your photos are automatically saved by Instagram in your phone gallery unless the ‘Save Original Photos’ setting is turned off. If you would like to change this, go to your settings on your profile page and then just turn on the option for ‘Save Original Photos’.

Or you can keep this option turned off and then save selected photos manually. In order to save a photo, just tap on the vertical three-dots button on an Android phone or the horizontal three-dots button on an iPhone that is on the bottom part of the photo. Select “Copy Share URL” on the menu and then open the URL on the Internet browser on your phone. Hold and tap the phone until an option pops up on the menu for saving the photo to your phone.

4. Turn Video Preload Off

When you are scrolling through your feed and encounter a video, it plays automatically. This occurs because the video is loaded in advance by Instagram for faster streaming. However, if you don’t want videos to play straight off, have it set to only preload when you are connected to WiFi.

Go into your profile that is located on the far bottom right. Choose the Settings button. On an iPhone this is a gear icon and on an Android phone is a button with three vertical dots. Scroll over to “Preload” and then select between “Only on WiFi” or “Always.”

5. Turn Video Sound On Or Off

The sound on Instagram videos can be turned off or on without messing up the general volume settings on your phone. To turn video sound off, go into your profile. Just tap on the button located on the bottom far right. Next tap on three dot vertical button on an Android or the gear icon on an iPhone located in the top right. Then go into the Sound setting select either “On” or “Off” for videos.

That will be your video default sound setting. If you have the sound off and want to listen to a certain video, just tap on the sound button that is located in the video’s top right corner.

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