Top 3 2020 Fashion New Year’s Resolution You MUST Do!

It’s almost time to say goodbye to 2019. You know what that means: it’s also time to say goodbye to this year’s fashion trends and get ready to welcome the new trends for 2020. Not only that, but it’s also time for your New Year’s resolution! To help you out, here are some MUST HAVES on your list of 2020 New Year’s fashion resolutions!

#1: Don’t say goodbye to 2019 so easily

Hey! I understand there are new trends that will come with the new year, but a lot of 2019’s trend is either here to stay or will still be relevant for at least the first parts of 2020. So don’t go ahead throwing your old clothes just yet or selling them as pre-loved items. Who knows, they might still be the trend this 2020!


#2 Something new for the new year!

Two words, people: explore and discover. You may have stuck with only one style for yourself throughout the year and guess what, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone! It never hurts to experiment and mix and match. Remember, the trends may be there, but you are never limited to what’s trending. Discover your own fashion statement, and make yourself stand out in the crowd!

#3 Cheaper alternatives all the way!

The last one for my 2020 New Year’s fashion resolution! Worried you may not have enough money for that latest designer dress or that new and classy luxury bag? Sounds like a bummer, doesn’t it? Not really, no! There are always cheaper alternatives out there! From pre-loved ones to similarly classy ones from lesser-known brands, you can always pull off an elegant look without the need to break the bank!


So there you go for my recommendations for your 2020 New Year’s fashion resolutions. The next year will surely be an exciting one!

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